Aligner basics – water only!

Ask your Norwalk dentist

Most patients are surprised that they shouldn’t drink anything other than water with aligners in…Wait, what about my morning coffee? or that post-workout Gatorade?

Unfortunately, liquids can damage your teeth, and your clear aligners

Here are some facts:

  • Any liquid you drink with your aligners will seep under the aligner and sit on your teeth.
  • Sugary liquids provide a food source for acid-producing bacteria that live in your mouth. This acid can produce cavities on your teeth while you are wearing your aligners.
  • Colored liquids will stain your aligners and teeth, also most colored liquids are acidic which again, isn’t good for your enamel!
  • Hot liquids will deform your aligners!  This means your progress will stop and the next set of aligners may not fit!

Any time you eat or drink anything other than water it is recommended that you brush your teeth prior to re-inserting your aligners. When away from a toothbrush, you can consider rinsing vigorously with water, it’ll help wash away food particles and neutralize the oral environment.

Thanks for reading!

Drs. Steve Cagliostro and Gary Romeo

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