Contact Out Norwalk Orthodontics At Westwalk Orthodontics Group

The initial orthodontic consultation takes approximately one hour and includes photos, X-rays and a comprehensive exam by one of our orthodontists. After the exam portion is complete, we’ll discuss any orthodontic issues and the potential for treatment, either now or in the future. If treatment is recommended, the orthodontist will discuss why now is the ideal time to begin treatment, then discuss the scope of the treatment plan.

For our young patients, we may recommend waiting to begin treatment, however, we will suggest a follow-up schedule to monitor how your child’s smile is taking shape. These follow-up visits may be scheduled anywhere from three months to 12 months out. When we postpone treatment, it is typically so we can allow permanent teeth to erupt or to allow further development of jaw growth.

The key to the most successful Norwalk orthodontic treatment is beginning at the right time. At Westwalk Orthodontic Group, we strongly believe that every child should be evaluated by age 8. While that doesn’t mean your child will begin orthodontic treatment at this age, it does mean we can begin monitoring how your child’s smile is forming, and then, if indicated, begin treatment at the time it will have the most positive impact.

We do treat patients of all ages at Westwalk Orthodontic Group, however, so it is never too late to begin your orthodontic journey! Treatment for adults may look different and be slightly more involved than for our younger patients, but we can still achieve excellent results.

We’ll Fit Into Your Busy Lifestyle!

We know our patients lead busy lives and we do our best to ensure every appointment is seen on time as scheduled. We have two convenient locations and offer early morning, evening, and even Saturday appointment times.

Prior to your first appointment, we will send an introductory email to welcome you to Westwalk Orthodontic Group. This will include paperwork for you to complete, including dental and medical questionnaires.