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Your Options For Braces in Fairfield

We offer our patients reliability and innovation. When you come to our orthodontic office serving Fairfield, you’ll notice we don’t simply stick to the basics. Instead, we carefully examine our patients’ circumstances and develop treatment plans based on their goals, expectations, and needs. Check out what options you have when you require starting orthodontic care with braces in Fairfield.

Traditional Metal Braces

Why would we not focus on delivering reliable results with durable orthodontic appliances? Medical-grade stainless steel does wonders because it consistently helps patients reach their desired goals in dental alignment. Besides, many patients need the additional durability that only conventional metal braces can offer due to the complex nature of their orthodontic problems. Come to our practice, and we’ll determine what your case needs.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Stainless steel is not the only material available to manufacture brackets. The team at Westwalk Orthodontic Group also works with ceramic composites that can help many patients realign their teeth and jaws while avoiding attracting too much unwanted attention. The material blends easily with your natural tooth color, so the brackets won’t stand out as much when you smile. You’ll have to be more careful than if you were wearing metal braces because these ceramic materials are not as durable, but our team won’t leave you alone. Instead, we work closely with each patient to deliver the help and guidance everyone requires during their care.

What Can Braces Do for You?

There is no single reason why people seek to fix their smiles with braces. Fairfield Orthodontics serves several purposes, and every person’s motivations are as varied as their dental alignment problems.

You might be looking to start treatment with braces because:

  • You have a bad bite that keeps you unhappy about your smile.
  • Your jaw malalignment holds some relation with your breathing difficulties.
  • You want your smile to look as beautiful as possible.
  • You are a parent who is worried about your kids’ dental development.
  • You are curious about how orthodontics can change the shape of your face.

Whether you are looking for a treatment that will help you or a family member, you should swing by our office and have an initial consultation with our specialist. We’ll make sure to identify the underlying reasons for your concerns and develop a treatment plan that helps you achieve your goals efficiently and safely.

Find the Best Fairfield Orthodontist

Dr. Steve and the rest of the team at Westwalk Orthodontic Group want to help you enjoy the highest-quality orthodontic treatment in Fairfield. We hope you’ll call our office or set an appointment online and give us a visit soon. See you around!

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