Westwalk Orthodontic Group is proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments for various communities like Invisalign® in Westport and Invisalign® in Norwalk. Orthodontic conditions are some of the most frequent reasons why people need to come to a dental health professional for treatment. Our team is ready to provide you with the highest-quality treatment we can give you and present you with options that better adjust to your preferences, clinical conditions, and budgetary considerations.

Patients may suffer from malaligned teeth or jaws, and an option available to all is Invisalign in Westport. When you consider using orthodontic appliances, we are sure you are also hesitant about having to wear a highly noticeable apparatus in your mouth. No matter the age, adults, and teens cringe at the thought of how they may look in school or at their workplace with their newly installed braces. That is why an orthodontist might bring up the possibility of using Invisalign in Norwalk instead.

Invisalign aligners are very different from standard braces. Granted, they serve the same function, that of properly aligning your teeth and jaws. But where Invisalign in Norwalk excels is in how they go about doing just that. The underlying principle for this technology is still to apply moderate force to move your teeth, and thanks to advancements in materials technology, Invisalign in Westport delivers you a pair of nearly invisible aligners.

Your orthodontist will want to examine your case first, so make sure you set your appointment. All patients need to go through an initial evaluation to make sure that they are eligible candidates for Invisalign in Norwalk. Once your orthodontist reviews your case, they will make sure to take an impression of your teeth in their current state. That model gets sent to Invisalign Headquarters, where their technicians model your new set of aligners.

Invisalign in Westport will help fix problems of overcrowding, gaps between your teeth, overbites, underbites, and more. It’s still important that you visit your orthodontist before you decide for Invisalign aligners. After you receive your first set of aligners, your orthodontist will give you instructions to make the most out of them. We have good news for you. Invisalign aligners are removable! You can take them off when you want to eat, when you need to brush your teeth or floss, and even for the occasional selfie.

Because Invisalign in Norwalk means using removable aligners, you have to be extra careful not to misplace them when you take them off, and an important reminder is that you have to wear your aligners for 22 hours per day. If you want your aligners to be as efficient as possible, you cannot take them off and leave them off. Please remember that Invisalign aligners will start showing some results in a few weeks, but this does not mean you can stop paying attention to your orthodontist instructions.

You will still have to come to the office if you want to make the most out of Invisalign in Westport. You need to switch into a new set of aligners as per the indications given to you by your orthodontist. And even if you will not have to come into the office for adjustments as often as you would if you had traditional braces, you still have to be checked by the Orthodontist to verify that we are on track with the dental strategy.

We hope to see you soon in our office. You can learn more about the other type of treatments we offer, but rest assured that if Invisalign is recommended to you, you will receive the opportunity to fix your orthodontic problems without the need for traditional braces. Get in touch with us, or set an appointment so we can start this journey together.