Braces Treatment in Darien, CT

If you have been looking for a way to get your Darien braces here at Westwalk Orthodontic Group is your best choice! Our highly-skilled and board-certified orthodontists are ready to help patients, young and adult, with their orthodontic complications.

Braces are some of the most reliable, durable, and efficient orthodontic appliances available to most patients. You will find several alternative braces designs at our dental practice, conveniently located at a quick 10-minute drive from Darien’s downtown.

You should read along with this information if you have doubts about why anyone would need braces, what they do, and what to expect from your treatment, but remember that you can always give us a call if you have more questions.

How Do Braces Work?

Regardless of the materials used to manufacture the various parts making up your braces, or the design specifics of the many alternatives available to patients, braces work on a fundamental principle. Braces apply a constant force to move your teeth and realign your jaws.

There are design specifics that change one element or another, but all orthodontic appliances work on the principle of using force to realign a patient’s teeth and jaws. The idea is to anchor a couple of pieces to pull or push your teeth into their correct position, minimize gaps between teeth, correct tooth overcrowding, or fix jaw malocclusions like overbites and crossbites.

How Do Braces Work in Darien?

Why Would Anyone Need Braces in Darien?

We briefly touched upon this at the end of the previous section. Unfortunately, many patients suffer orthodontic complications and related health issues that require specialized dental care.

One of the most common problems is tooth overcrowding. When patients don’t have enough space for their permanent teeth, they can erupt in the wrong position or be completely malaligned.
Other patients need to correct jaw malocclusions. These malocclusions refer to problems with the alignment of a patient’s jaws. You may be more familiar with terms like underbites, overbites, or crossbites. These are all cases of jaw malocclusions.
You may also consider braces to fix Gap Teeth or Diastema. Excessive spacing between teeth can be a cosmetic problem as much as a dental hygiene one. However, if you wish to correct how that gap affects how your smile looks, we can recommend braces.

All these are examples of orthodontic conditions you and your orthodontist can fix with the use of braces.

Types of Braces

Here at Westwalk Orthodontic Group, you can consult with our orthodontists, Dr. Gary and Dr. Steve, about the orthodontic appliances that better fit your treatment goals. As we mentioned before, there are differences in materials and design for various types of braces.

Traditional Metal Braces in Darien

  • Darien Traditional Metal Braces are the tried and tested solution for many patients seeking orthodontic treatment in Darien. These appliances use stainless steel for their reliability and durability. You know them well; they are a staple in every orthodontist’s arsenal, and they will get the job done.

Carriere Braces in Darien

  • Darien Carriere Braces offer an exciting variation on the typical archwire-based design for orthodontic braces in Darien. The Carriere® Motion™ Appliance uses metal bands and a small anchor to move your jaws and achieve an ideal bite relationship.

Clear Braces in Darien

  • Darien Clear Braces provide patients with a discreet solution to their orthodontic problems. The primary difference is that the materials used for the brackets are not stainless steel. These ceramic components blend effortlessly with your natural tooth color, making them nearly invisible braces for our patients from Darien.

Make sure you ask everything you want when you come for treatment at our dental practice. The many differences between these appliances will result in different restrictions and requirements during your treatment.

Start Your Clear Braces Treatment in Darien

Start Your Darien Braces Treatment Now

Swing by our office to get your initial consultation with our Darien orthodontists and check what treatment is right for you.

Come with all the questions you have about what you can and can’t do during the treatment, how long it will last, and how to keep your dental hygiene routine. We know you will improve your smile with the correct treatment, and we are thrilled to help you with it.

Our team will gladly answer any questions you have about your treatment cost and length. We will do our best to give you all the information you need to let you make the best decision.

Give us a call at (203) 517-0863 or set your appointment online. Remember to follow this link if you want directions to our dental practice.

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How long do braces take to straighten teeth in Darien?

Straightening your teeth with braces in Darien can take anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. Your Orthodontist will give you an accurate estimate depending on your specific issues.

Do braces move your teeth every day?

Darien Orthodontic treatments with braces in Darien apply constant pressure to your teeth. You may feel that your teeth may become loose, and that’s normal until they get used to their new position.

Do they whiten teeth after braces in Darien?

our Orthodontist may suggest you whiten your teeth after finishing your treatment with braces in Darien to achieve that perfect pearly white smile.