What Is The Best Color For Braces?

You can customize the color combinations of your braces rubber bands.

Braces are a great underestimated tool for both orthodontists and patients. Not only does it fix your orthodontic issues, but it helps you get the smile of your dreams in the process. Braces can close gaps between teeth, shift teeth into position, and even change the way you bite down. At the end of the treatment, you’ll have the beautiful, healthy, and symmetrical smile you’ve always wished for.

Now, thanks to ligatures and power chains, you can make the braces treatment more enjoyable by adding a bit of your personality to it.

Braces Color Combinations

Once you get your braces for teens in Westport or your teeth braces for adults in Westport, you’ll be able to choose the color of your ligatures. As a reminder, ligatures are little elastic bands that attach to your brackets and hold the archwire in place. Given that your orthodontist changes them every few weeks, you’ll be able to have multiple different looks. You’ll probably want to learn some color theory to make the best combinations possible. 

As orthodontists attach every ligature individually, you can choose a different color for each one and mix and match them to your liking. Sometimes, your Fairfield braces treatment will call for the use of power chains, which you can also choose the color for. Depending on your treatment, you can have a mix of ligatures and power chains, allowing you to have fun with the patterns. 

Patients can customize their adult orthodontics at Westport just as teens can customize their own braces. Usually, adults tend to go for more discrete colors and combinations, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go all out if they wish for it.

For those who don’t want to attract any attention to their adult orthodontics, it’s best to choose a color similar to the rest of your braces. If you have traditional metal braces, you’ll want to choose gray or metallic colors. If you have ceramic braces, white or cream-colored ligatures are the way to go.

Holiday Ideas

Sometimes you’ll want to rock your favorite color in your braces, while other times, you’ll want your braces colors to match the season or holiday you are in. Here are what we consider to be the best colors for braces for the holidays.


When we think of Christmas, red and green colors are always present. Using a combination of them in your ligatures will give your smile a pop, and you’ll carry the Christmas spirit wherever you go.


During the spooky season, you’ll want a spooky look. Thankfully, your braces can be a part of the fun. Not only can you dive into the trick or tricking season with orange and black, but you can also match the colors to fit with your Halloween costume or outfit.

4th of July

Everyone knows the colors of this holiday. The classic red, white, and blue will go great with the fireworks and family outings. Just be careful to stain the white ligatures.

Matching Your Braces With Your Local Sports Teams

Connecticut local sports teams can also be an excuse to choose a particular color for your elastics. Rooting for your favorite team and sport will always be cool, and you can take it to another level by wearing the colors on your clear braces.

Most sports clubs have matching local colors already, so you don’t have to worry about the color combinations; you just have to copy them.

Westport has many sports teams you can use to get creative with your braces.

Hartford Athletic – Soccer

The professional soccer team of Connecticut is the Hartford Athletic of Hartford.

Though there are more soccer teams in Connecticut, Hartford Athletic is the only one playing in the USL Championship.

Their colors are green and deep blue.

Connecticut Sun – Basketball

The Connecticut Sun is a professional basketball women’s team playing for the WNBA. It’s the most famous sports team in Connecticut.

Their colors are white, bright orange, and deep blue. This team has played 18 seasons of the WNBA playoffs.

Hartford Yard Goats – Baseball

The Hartford Yard Goats is a baseball team founded in 2016. Despite being a minor league team, they have enthusiast fans all over Connecticut.

Their colors include dark royal blue, tan, Kelly green, and white. The combination of royal blue and tan is a nice option for your braces in Norwalk, as well as the Kelly green and tan one.

Western Connecticut Hawks – Football

Connecticut’s football counts with a great women’s team, the Western Connecticut Hawks. This is a professional football team that plays in Division III of the Woman’s Football Alliance.

Their colors are white, fluorescent green, light grey, and black, meaning enough colors to create different combinations to wear on your braces.

Connecticut’s Whale – Ice Hockey

Of course, ice hockey could not be out of this list. Connecticut’s Whale is a professional women’s ice hockey team founded in 2015. Their league is the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF).

Their colors and their fanbase’s colors are deep blue, bright green, and white.

Braces Colors You May Want to Avoid

Transparent bands are a great option for those who want to keep a low profile, especially for those who opt for ceramic braces. But just as with bright colors, transparent ligatures can stain and change appearance between your regular check-ups, leaving you with a color you didn’t choose. Because of this, it’s important to ask your dentist which colors stay the same throughout the weeks and which don’t.

As mentioned before, you’ll want to learn the very basics of color theory if you want your braces to match your face as intended. For example, if you don’t want your braces to pop but still want them to have a distinction, you should look for colors that complement your face rather than color that create a stark contrast. If you are not going to choose colors to represent a holiday or team, you may want to think about the color before you get to the dentist’s office. That way, you’ll have time to think and plan what color better suits you.

Additionally, you may want to avoid some specific colors. Dark brown or black can look like tooth decay or food, yellow and transparent ligatures can make your teeth look more yellow than they actually are, and some green shades can also resemble food.

What Braces Colors Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

What Braces Colors Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Braces themselves do not offer whitening treatment as a feature, but there are certain shades and tones you can wear to create the illusion that you have brighter, whiter teeth.

Is It a Good Idea to Wear Silver Ligatures for Your Braces?

Though wearing silver elastic bands may seem as dull since they will camouflage with your braces and archwires, they tend to be less noticeable. They will not interfere with your teeth’s natural color, giving the impression that you have whiter teeth.

Do Light Blue Elastics Make My Teeth Look Whiter?

Blue shades will create a natural contrast with your teeth’s tone, contributing to a smooth appearance of whiter and brighter teeth.

Light blue specifically will create this effect without drawing too much attention to your teeth or braces.

Barbie Pink in Braces: Yes or No?

Do not fear pink. Pink elastics, particularly in rose or light pink, are a safe option. They will brighten your smile without making your teeth look dirty or darker.

However, if you prefer more discreet options, maybe pink is not the best color for your braces.

Is There a Shade of Green That Looks Good on Braces?

Mint green is such a nice color it even looks good on teeth. Darker or brighter tones of green could look like a piece of salad stuck in your brackets, but a lighter tone will contrast.

Your smile will look fresh.

Violet for Braces Ligatures?

Purple colors usually look nice in contrast to the bone color of your teeth and the metallic tone of your braces.

Darker purple will brighten your teeth, and lilac shades can make them look whiter. Both ends of this shade (darker or lighter) work to enhance the appearance of your smile due to the strong contrast it creates.

Keep Brushing Your Teeth With Braces

Maintaining oral hygiene is crucial during your whole life, whether you wear conventional braces or not. Wearing braces even requires more discipline in following your dental hygiene routine correctly.

Braces create more hideouts where food and dental plaque can accumulate, increasing the risk of all of the oral problems and diseases that come with poor oral hygiene, such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, etc.

Proper Brushing, Essential Step

Position your toothbrush at an angle degree against gums and brackets. Make sure to pass the bristles along your gum line, below the metal wires, and around each bracket.

Brush Your Teeth and Wash Your Mouth After Every Meal

When you wear traditional braces, the number of times you must brush your teeth a day should increase to at least 3 times. This means after every meal, basically. You could do it after every snack as well.

By doing this, you reduce the possibility of oral bacteria thriving in your mouth and damaging your teeth’s enamel.

What Toothpaste and Mouthwash Are the Best Choice?

Fluoride is a must when it comes to the ingredients of your dental products. Not only fluoride helps strengthen the tooth’s enamel, but it helps eliminate bacteria from your mouth.

Fluoride also helps with whitening your teeth. Using toothpaste and mouthwash will fluoride is highly beneficial for your oral health.

Do Braces Allow Professional Dental Cleanings?

It’s no lie that wearing traditional metal braces hinders dental hygiene, but this fact does not imply the impossibility of thoroughly cleaning your teeth nevertheless.

Professional dental cleanings are a must during your orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will indicate how often you should visit them. These check-ups allow your dentist to control your oral health and clean your teeth from plaque buildup.

Alternatives to Braces

If you don’t want to obstruct your smile with metallic pieces and ceramic braces that are still too noticeable, Invisalign clear aligners are the answer for you. Fairfield Invisalign is virtually invisible in your daily activities and doesn’t require as much care as regular metal braces. Meaning you can enjoy your day-to-day activities with a natural-looking smile while receiving the orthodontic treatment you need.

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