Do Westport Braces Work Faster?

Are you a parent looking for the best braces for teens Norwalk can offer? Does your teenager suffer from underbites, overbites, or dental crowding?

Come to Westwalk Orthodontic Group with your kid to help them determine which option will help solve their dental alignment problems.

Dr. Gary and Dr. Steve will work tirelessly with the rest of the team to help any teenager who walks through our doors achieve their dream smile.

Read below to learn more about the treatment options available to your teenager here at Westwalk Orthodontic Group.

Traditional Metal Braces Fairfield CT

The Best Options in Braces For Teens in Norwalk

Gone are the days when you had to wear convoluted devices around your face if you wanted well-aligned teeth.

If your teenage kid wants a smile with straight teeth, they have several options at their disposal.

First of all, we wanted to remind parents and teenagers about a very important point:

When it comes to Darien orthodontic treatment, the most important thing is your dental health.

Many patients worry about how they’ll look or what others might say about their treatment choice, but we want to reassure you that the decision to invest in your dental health is a brave and smart one.

Teenagers shouldn’t worry about looking different with their braces, especially considering the amazing options available here at Westwalk Orthodontic Group.

Norwalk Traditional Metal Braces for Teens

These appliances are the tried and tested solution for teenagers who require help treating their orthodontic problems. This is the most durable option as they use stainless steel.

Conventional metal braces are a staple of orthodontic care, and you can trust they’ll get the job done.

Norwalk Clear Braces for Teens

Ceramic braces provide teenagers with a discreet solution to their orthodontic problems.

The primary difference with traditional braces is that they utilize materials developed for space exploration! You can read NASA’s page here for more information. These ceramic composites blend with any teenager’s natural tooth color, making the brackets and wires nearly invisible to any onlookers.

Carriere Braces are Available at Norwalk

This option offers an exciting variation on the typical archwire-based design of orthodontic appliances. The Carriere® Motion™ Appliance leverages special metal bands and an anchor to move your jaws and correct malocclusions simultaneously.

Braces for Teens in Norwalk

Why Would Your Teenager Need Braces?

Orthodontic problems are not just about someone’s dental alignment. These complications also create overall health problems and can negatively impact a developing teenager’s self-esteem. But you can help your kid start solving these problems with their teenage orthodontic treatment in Westport.

  • One of the most common problems we see is tooth overcrowding. This condition happens when someone’s permanent teeth don’t have enough space to erupt.
  • Some teenagers might require help correcting jaw malocclusions. This situation refers to malalignment between jaws. Examples include underbites, overbites, and crossbites.
  • Finally, your teenager might want to correct Gap Teeth or Diastema, which is just excessive spacing between teeth, usually their front teeth.

Get The Best Teens Braces Treatment Norwalk Has

Many teenagers are afraid of how they’ll look when they start wearing braces for teens. Fortunately, the various advancements in materials science and design innovations offer Norwalk families sleek and functional options for teenage orthodontic treatment.

Our board-certified orthodontists have an excellent track record of helping teenagers successfully complete their orthodontic care. Come to our office, set an appointment, and have your teenager begin their Teen orthodontist Norwalk with a team that knows what they need.

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