All About Clear Ceramic Braces in Darien

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There are two main types of reasons why any person might consider using clear ceramic braces. Patients are either cosmetic improvements or dental health improvements.

Teenage patients might be worried about their appearance and might finally decide to engage in treatment to get the smile they want. Adults may have always wanted to fix their smiles but never had the chance until now. Regardless of age or motivations, teeth braces can be a highly beneficial treatment you should consider.

Norwalk Orthodontists, that is, dental health professionals who specialize in the alignment of your teeth and jaws, will recommend the use of braces only when necessary. A patient needs braces because the current positioning of their dental structures needs correction before serious problems develop.

Younger patients are at an advantage because when they start early treatment, the orthodontist can guide the development of their jaws to offer sufficient space for permanent teeth to erupt in the right position.

According to the NIH-NIDCR, about 26% of adults here in the US have some untreated caries, making this specialized treatment more difficult.

Older patients can, and should, consider adult orthodontic treatment because it can help to correct issues they have had for a very long time. When you have crooked teeth or bunched-up teeth, it will be harder to clean them properly.

Difficulties in maintaining good oral hygiene will result in more plaque around your teeth and a higher risk of developing cavities or infections.

So when your orthodontist recommends you use braces, they do so to help with your dental health. The nice-looking smile is a bonus. Now that you know why you would need braces, we can consider one of the alternatives available for your consideration. Ceramic Braces are one such alternative to traditional braces.

What Makes Clear Braces Different?

Ceramic braces are a much more subtle option for orthodontic treatment. The main difference is the materials used to manufacture the brackets. This alternative uses ceramic materials, making the brackets less noticeable in your mouth.

Depending on the shade of your teeth, your orthodontist may recommend clear brackets or variations of the ceramic brackets that more seamlessly blend with your smile.

These braces still require elastics and an archwire to achieve the desired result. You might go ahead with frosted or white archwires and similarly-colored elastics to avoid making any part of your braces stand out too much.

You can learn all about your new set of braces here.

What Can I Eat With My Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are also more brittle than traditional stainless steel braces. Patients should remember to stay away from certain foods like the infamous popcorn, eating corn off the cob, sticky candy, and others.

Patients who opted for the ceramic alternative have to be even more careful about what they eat. We know that movie night is not the same without popcorn, but it will be well worth it.

Now that we are touching on what to eat and avoid, we should address the common concern of staining.

Ceramic brackets don’t get stained, but the archwire and the elastics may stain depending on what you include in your regular diet. Coffee, tea, cola, tobacco products, and even some condiments like mustard and ketchup can stain some components of your braces, which defeats the purpose of having less-noticeable teeth braces.

The only solution is to reduce your consumption of these items.

How Much Are Ceramic Braces?

Another difference between ceramic braces and traditional appliances is the price. There is no standard pricing chart for this orthodontic treatment, but you can expect that these braces will be more expensive than the traditional option.

Check with your insurance provider and the orthodontist if your insurance plan covers these treatments. The less-noticeable option will also take longer. Ceramic brackets are more brittle and may break more often, requiring more visits to the orthodontist. Your orthodontist will not perform adjustments to your orthodontic appliances too frequently to avoid endangering the integrity of the brackets.

Why Do People Prefer This Option?

The need to have a well-aligned and healthy smile is real, but when a patient considers engaging in orthodontic treatment, they juggle several factors to decide. For many, the possibility of getting their dreamed smile is reason enough to take on the challenge of braces.

Teens and adults worried about their appearance during treatment may also favor ceramic braces. Adults may consider the slightly increased price to be well worth it because it means they can continue their daily routine and professional activities without attracting unwanted attention to their orthodontic treatment.

In essence, ceramic braces are an excellent choice for patients who want a discreet solution to their crooked teeth, overbites, or other orthodontic conditions.

The treatment will take longer and be somewhat more expensive than traditional braces, but patients appreciate less noticeable appliances. You will have to consult with your orthodontist if you are eligible for these braces.

Get Help From a Ceramic Braces Darien Provider

You have to pay close attention to their directions to care for your dental hygiene during treatment and avoid damaging the appliances. We have offices in Norwalk and Westport, so feel free to set an appointment if you live in any neighboring cities, like Darien, to get professional counsel for your specific case.

As board-certified orthodontists, you can trust our team to give you the best experience with ceramic braces Darien residents can get.